Why pacing your activity when your living with chronic pain can be so difficult, yet crucial to ‘making the best out of your day’ and aiding your recovery.

In this blog I share what pacing is, my experiences and frustrations of having to do it and why I have to admit (through gritted teeth) that pacing is so dam important. I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with pain.

Goal setting and recovering from chronic pain

I spoke in my last blog about how my pelvic pain had begun to improve. It was now seven months since I had given birth and it was nearly eight weeks, since I’d started working on my rehabilitation with my physio.

How to calm down an over-sensitised nervous system to ease chronic pain

When my physiotherapist (Aka Mrs physio friend) confirmed my suspicions that the pelvic pain I had been experiencing was another episode of chronic pain, at first I felt relieved. After five months of not knowing why I was in pain, I was pleased to finally know what the issue was. However later that evening, andContinue reading “How to calm down an over-sensitised nervous system to ease chronic pain”