Goal setting and recovering from chronic pain

I spoke in my last blog about how my pelvic pain had begun to improve. It was now seven months since I had given birth and it was nearly eight weeks, since I’d started working on my rehabilitation with my physio.

Places for Great Cake – The Orangery Tea Room

The Orangery Tea Room is one of my favourite places for cake and I feel very lucky that it is located very close to where I live. Nestled in the Norfolk countryside in Ketteringham which is just 15 minutes outside of Norwich, it is a little hidden gem.

How to calm down an over-sensitised nervous system to ease chronic pain

When my physiotherapist (Aka Mrs physio friend) confirmed my suspicions that the pelvic pain I had been experiencing was another episode of chronic pain, at first I felt relieved. After five months of not knowing why I was in pain, I was pleased to finally know what the issue was. However later that evening, andContinue reading “How to calm down an over-sensitised nervous system to ease chronic pain”