Cinnamon Roll Biscuits

If like me, you love cinnamon rolls, you are very likely to love these little biscuits. The vanilla biscuit with a cinnamon and light muscovado sugar centre, gives them a great flavour. And in true Cinnamon Roll style, they are drizzled with sweet, gooey icing, which just sets them off.

Easter Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake has become a traditional Easter cake. The cake is full of fruit and spice, which gives a lovely moist cake, packed full of flavour. A layer of marzipan through the centre and the decoration on top, gives the Simnel cake its traditional taste. The balls on the top represent the eleven apostles so the number of balls is significant to this cake.

Why pacing your activity when your living with chronic pain can be so difficult, yet crucial to ‘making the best out of your day’ and aiding your recovery.

In this blog I share what pacing is, my experiences and frustrations of having to do it and why I have to admit (through gritted teeth) that pacing is so dam important. I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with pain.