Vanilla and Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

These light cupcakes can’t fail to impress. I always use this recipe which is reliable for producing light, fluffy cupcakes. I add chocolate chips to make them extra indulgent…Read recipe

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This recipe gives one of the best chocolate cakes I have found. Mary Berry’s recipe uses a chocolate icing which is delicious and is more like a chocolate ganache, as it’s thick and creamy… Read recipe

Carrot and Sultana Cake

This is the best carrot cake recipe I have baked. It gives such a light and bouncy sponge which is packed full of warming flavours. The cream cheese frosting and sprinkling of pecans gives ….Read recipe

Luscious Lemon Cake

I’ve always been able to rely on this recipe to produce a lovely soft sponge and a really nice strong lemon flavour. It’s so quick and easy to make and it keeps well for at least five days…Read recipe

Everyday Fruit Cake

This all-in-one fruit cake, is ideal if you are short on time, and you like fruit cake of course. It produces a really nice tasting fruit cake. Simple, but still very pleasing to the taste buds. We took a couple of…Read recipe

Oat and Cinnamon Cookies

If you are a fan of soft, chewy, comforting cookies you need to give these a try. As much as I love chocolate cookies I also really love oat ones with dried fruit. When I saw that these ones also… Read recipe

Easy Caramel Cake

I think the salted caramel sauce on this cake automatically makes people’s mouth water. The topping automatically transforms this very simple sponge cake into a crowd pleaser…Read recipe

Marble Chocolate Ring Cake

I love marbled cakes, they look good and this one gives the satisfaction of having a chocolate sponge, without being too heavy and rich when you just want a simple cake. The chocolate …Read recipe

Sticky Toffee Loaf Cake

If you are a fan of sticky toffee pudding, this cake is for you. The sticky toffee sponge contains dates and black treacle, which gives a deep flavour and the sticky toffee buttercream, sauce and fudge pieces… Read recipe

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Traybake

This traybake offers a lovely twist on chocolate cake and the icing is perfect for lovers of salted caramel. The sponge was really easy to bake and comes out super soft and velvety…Read recipe

Welsh Cakes

Welsh Cakes are similar to fruit scones just flatter, denser and sweeter. They are topped with a sprinkling of sugar and contain mixed spice and currants, which gives them a nice sweet flavour… Read recipe

Chocolate Tiffin Fridge Cake

I named this ‘Chocolate Tiffin Fridge Cake’ as it tastes like a Tiffin and is set and kept in the fridge and to be honest I don’t know the difference between a Tiffin and Fridge Cake so I’ve named it both! …. Read recipe

Marble Loaf Cake

This marble loaf cake, not only looks pretty but also gives the perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate sponge in one cake. I think the main reason this loaf cake caught my eye was the attractive… Read recipe

Chocolate Chunk Brownies

I was really pleased when I found this recipe for these brownies, which are really soft and squidgy. The added chunks of milk and white chocolate make them feel that bit more indulgent and… Read recipe

Nutty Marmalade Cake

The sponge of this Nutty Marmalade Cake is nicely spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and complimented with a subtle crunch from chopped walnuts. The sponge is really soft… Read recipe

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The ‘ache’ in ‘The Ache to Bake’ – the joy of baking and the ache of living with chronic pain

Hi and welcome. I’m Victoria, I live in Wymondham, Norfolk with my husband Peter, our baby boy and our very naughty Beagle, Hugo. I’ve created this cake blog for a slightly selfish reason, which is to help me overcome reoccurring chronic pain (the ‘ache’ in The Ache to Bake), by allowing me to concentrate onContinue reading “The ‘ache’ in ‘The Ache to Bake’ – the joy of baking and the ache of living with chronic pain”

Places for Great Cake – The Orangery Tea Room

The Orangery Tea Room is one of my favourite places for cake and I feel very lucky that it is located very close to where I live. Nestled in the Norfolk countryside in Ketteringham which is just 15 minutes outside of Norwich, it is a little hidden gem.

Goal setting and recovering from chronic pain

I spoke in my last blog about how my pelvic pain had begun to improve. It was now seven months since I had given birth and it was nearly eight weeks, since I’d started working on my rehabilitation with my physio.

If you are interested in simple, tried and tested delicious cake and dessert recipes, then you are in the right place. Sadly I cannot claim them as my own recipes, I am simply sharing great finds from recipe books and websites, that I highly recommend.

I’m here to offer you inspiration and save you the time of searching for new recipes. I also offer feedback on what the recipes are like and provide tweaks, to help you get your bake spot on!

If you’d like to know why I am taking the time to share recipes (the ‘ache’ in Ache to Bake), please read my story. Alternatively I hope you simply just enjoy the photos of cake or even try out a recipe or two.


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